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About Me

Hi, I'm Marcus Uddenhed and welcome to my corner of the internet, here you will find various scripts, guides and so on that i either create or use daily or from time to time.

I believe in sharing things with others as much as possible and if someone finds the stuff i put up here useful, nothing makes me more happy.

So who am i?

I'm a tech savvy guy from the southern parts of Sweden and has worked in the IT industry for over 20+ years and much of what i know comes from late nights, settings stuff up at home and from my many years in the business.

Career Experience

In my work life i have been working with a lot of bigger systems and support, to highlight some of them...

  • Endpoint management via SCCM/MEMCM.
    • Client / Server.
    • Patching.
    • Antivirus.
    • OS deployment.
    • Driver deployment.
    • Software distribution.
  • Software packaging via AdminStudio.
  • MSSQL management & installation.
  • DNS management(Windows, Linux & Infoblox).
  • Active Directory management.
  • Powershell scripting.
  • Administration of larger client specific systems.
  • Automation via large scale integration systems.
  • Automation via scripting.

Beyond career

In my spare time i have a tendency to tinker will all sort of things or systems, among them...

  • ProxMox cluster.
  • Linux, Ubuntu & openSUSE foremost.
  • DNS management.
  • Web server(Lighttpd & Nginx).
  • Database server(MariaDB & MySQL).
  • Proxy servers(Pound & HAProxy).
  • Graylog(Log server).
  • CheckMK(Server monitoring).
  • Unifi Network(Switch & AP management)
  • Minecraft servers, Yeah my kids wants them...
  • Containers via Podman.
  • Home automation via HomeAssistant.
  • Wordpress
  • Automation via scripting.


I like to create various scripts to automate things and streamline recurring bigger tasks to be less cumbersome, mainly developing scripts in Powershell, Bash and Python.

Fighting illnesses

A task i have taken upon me is to run Folding@home servers to help in fighting various health threats like COVID19, Alzheimer’s Disease, and cancer.

Been supporting and sharing my resources with them for the past 10+ years.


Oh, yeah I like to take photographs to as a hobby above all things and have my own page for that, be sure to stop by whenever you like. Website / Instagram / Facebook

Take care and happy browsing... 🙂