To www.osource.se, the new home for both of my previous sub pages, dev.osource.se & com.osource.se. Here i will bring all of my development & technical stuff previously existing on above pages. The reason you do not see much on this site right now is that i had a massive hardware failure that rendered both my server and backups useless. I have other sites that i had to focus on primarily and had to rebuild them first. Now i will start adding back resources to this site and hopefully get my previous visitors back. You can see my tasks on the To-Do list below. So yet again welcome. /Marcus Uddenhed

 To-Do list

New things that need fixing will be added constantly.

  • Get development section up and running.
    • Add documentation.
    • Fix RSS flow on each active project.
    • Continue development on active projects.
    • Get SVN repository up and running.
      • Partially.
      • Complete.
    • Add back projects.
      • oBacklight.
        • Basic info with download.
        • Complete info with download, documentation & SVN connection. (2014-07-30)
      • oZimbraBackup.
        • Basic info with download.
        • Complete info with download, documentation & SVN connection. (2015-10-27)
  • Get How-To section up and running.
    • Add How-To:s.
  • Fix Contact page.
  • Fix site RSS flow
  • Fix About page.
  • Fix License page.
  • Set up site navigation.
    • Link to Development.
    • Link to About.
    • Link to License page.
    • Link to Documentation.
    • Link to How-To:s.
    • Link to Contact.
  • Secured site with SSL. (2017-06-30)

Last updated: 2017-07-02