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Script to monitor site status from remote location. The script checks given sites in given intervals and can send mail when one or more sites are down, the script can log the information into a log file to for statistical analysis later on if desired.


The installation of the script is pretty simple, install “mailx” dependency and just put it where you keep your other scripts on the server that shall run this script, Then add it as an schedule job to crontab on your server.

Read more about the required dependency of “mailx” here: Link

Installation of mailx.

Rasbian(Raspberry PI)
# apt-get install heirloom-mailx

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The script has a few configuration options available, below you can see those you must configure before running the script.

checkSite[1] # Add sites that you want to monitor, can be as many as you want.
rInterval # How many times should it retry until it set the site as down.
rTime # How many seconds should it wait between retries.
sendMail # Should i send an e-mail with failed sites.
mailFrom # From whom shall this mail be sent?
mailTo # To whom shall the mail be sent? Seperate recipients with a “,”
smtpHost # The SMTP mail server that is going to process the mail.
smtpAuth # Does the SMTP mail server require authentication(yes/no).
smtpUser # Username if smtpAuth is set to yes.
smtpPass # password if smtpAuth is set to yes.
smtpPort  # Standard for non authenticated SMTP is 25, 587 is for authenticated SMTP.
logStatus # Should we log to local logfile(yes/no).
logPath # Where should we put the log file(omit the traling slash).
logName # name of log file.

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The script needs to be able to write to the log if logging is enabled, recommendation is to only allow admin accounts access to the script.

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Download latest version here.

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Old versions and development status are available through the repository here: SVN

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